The Final Frontier is Here

Galactic Space Ship

Anybody who has watched television, walked into a movie theater, or rented a movie in the past 45 years may recognize this little ditty: Space: The final frontier These are the voyages of the Starship, Enterprise Its 5 year mission To explore strange new worlds To seek out new life and new civilizations To boldly go [...]

No, the Plane Was Not on Fire

Sky Diving over Queenstown

The plane wasn’t on fire. There weren’t any signs of smoke. So, why was I voluntarily exiting the plane at 12,000 feet above ground??? Because it was an adventure of a life-time!!

Intrepid Travel Study Shows Americans Aren’t Adventurous Travelers

A survey commissioned by Intrepid Travel indicates that Americans are the least adventurous on vacation compared to four other nationalities.